All Board meetings are held at the NYC Autism Charter School East Harlem and are open to the public. Some Trustees may participate in these meetings via videoconference. For information about videoconference locations, please call the main office at 212.860.2580.

10/16/17 Board Meeting Agenda

09/18/17 Board Meeting Minutes

09/18/17 Board Meeting Agenda

08/07/17 Board Meeting Minutes

08/07/17 Board Meeting Agenda

07/10/17 Board Meeting Minutes

07/10/17 Board Meeting Agenda

06/12/17 Board Meeting Minutes (East Harlem)

06/12/17 Board Meeting Minutes (Bronx)

06/12/17 Board Meeting Agenda (East Harlem)

06/12/17 Board Meeting Agenda (Bronx)

05/08/17 Board Meeting Minutes (East Harlem)

05/08/17 Board Meeting Minutes (Bronx)

05/08/17 Board Meeting Agenda (East Harlem)

05/08/17 Board Meeting Agenda (Bronx)

04/03/17 Board Meeting Minutes (East Harlem)

04/03/17 Board Meeting Minutes (Bronx)

04/03/17 Board Meeting Agenda (East Harlem)

04/03/17 Board Meeting Agenda (Bronx)

03/06/17 Board Meeting Minutes (East Harlem)

03/06/17 Board Meeting Minutes (Bronx)

03/06/17 Board Meeting Agenda (East Harlem)

03/06/17 Board Meeting Agenda (Bronx)

02/13/17 Board Meeting Agenda (East Harlem)

02/13/17 Board Meeting Minutes (East Harlem)

02/13/17 Board Meeting Agenda (Bronx)

02/13/17 Board Meeting Minutes (Bronx)

01/09/17 Board Meeting Agenda (East Harlem)

01/09/17 Board Meeting Minutes (East Harlem)

01/09/17 Board Meeting Agenda (Bronx)

01/09/17 Board Meeting Minutes (Bronx)

12/12/16 Board Meeting Agenda (East Harlem)

12/12/16 Board Meeting Minutes (East Harlem)

12/12/16 Board Meeting Agenda (Bronx)

12/12/16 Board Meeting Minutes (Bronx)

11/14/16 Board Meeting Agenda (Bronx)

11/14/16 Board Meeting Minutes (Bronx)

11/14/16 Board Meeting Agenda (East Harlem)

11/14/16 Board Meeting Minutes (East Harlem)

10/24/16 Board Meeting Agenda (Bronx)

10/24/16 Board Meeting Minutes (Bronx)

10/24/16 Board Meeting Agenda (East Harlem)

10/24/16 Board Meeting Minutes (East Harlem)

9/19/16 Board Meeting Agenda (Bronx)

9/19/16 Board Meeting Minutes (Bronx)

9/19/16 Board Meeting Agenda (East Harlem)

9/19/16 Board Meeting Minutes (East Harlem)

8/15/16 Board Meeting Agenda

8/15/16 Board Meeting Minutes

7/11/16 Board Meeting Agenda

7/11/16 Board Meeting Minutes

6/13/16 Board Meeting Agenda

6/13/16 Board Meeting Minutes

5/25/16 Board Meeting Minutes

5/9/16 Board Meeting Agenda

5/9/16 Board Meeting Minutes

4/18/16 Board Meeting Agenda

4/18/16 Board Meeting Minutes

3/14/16 Board Meeting Agenda

3/14/16 Board Meeting Minutes

2/8/16 Board Meeting Agenda

2/8/16 Board Meeting Minutes

1/11/16 Board Meeting Agenda

1/11/16 Board Meeting Minutes

12/7/15 Board Meeting Agenda

11/9/15 Board Meeting Agenda

11/9/15 Board Meeting Minutes

10/19/15 Board Meeting Agenda

10/19/15 Board Meeting Minutes

9/16/15 Board Meeting Agenda

9/16/15 Board Meeting Minutes

8/3/15 Board Meeting Agenda

8/3/15 Board Meeting Minutes

7/13/15 Board Meeting Agenda

7/13/15 Board Meeting Minutes

6/15/15 Board Meeting Agenda

6/15/15 Board Meeting Minutes

5/18/15 Board Meeting Agenda

5/18/15 Board Meeting Minutes

3/16/15 Board Meeting Agenda

3/16/15 Board Meeting Minutes

11/17/14 Board Meeting Agenda

11/17/14 Board Meeting Minutes

10/20/14 Board Meeting Agenda

10/20/14 Board Meeting Minutes

9/22/14 Board Meeting Agenda

9/22/14 Board Meeting Minutes

6/16/14 Board Meeting Agenda

6/16/14 Board Meeting Minutes

5/19/14 Board Meeting Agenda

5/19/14 Board Meeting Minutes

3/17/14 Board Meeting Agenda

3/17/14 Board Meeting Minutes

1/27/14 Board Meeting Agenda

1/27/14 Board Meeting Minutes