Morgan Stanley Gives $15,000 and Invaluable Support to the NYC Autism Charter School

March 23, 2016

NYC Autism Charter School was one of nine nonprofits selected to participate in the 7th annual Morgan Stanley Challenge — a ten-week program in which top-performing Morgan Stanley employees provide pro-bono strategic advice to nonprofit organizations on mission critical challenges. The challenge we put forward was to help us determine how to best expand our program’s footprint. Our Morgan Stanley team thoroughly researched the options and gave us a game plan that will allow for future expansion without compromising the level of service we provide to our students and families. This exceptional group of Morgan Stanley employees worked diligently — hours and hours beyond their already significant workload — with an attention to detail that was remarkable. They dove into this project with passion and quickly developed a sense of ownership that I can only hope will keep them connected to us for years to come. Thank you Caren, Anthony, Rini, Ana Lyn, Victoria, and Schuyler! Words cannot express our gratitude.